Technology will disrupt...

Dan Carmody is a professional public speaker who is fascinated with the future. Specifically, Dan's speeches revolve around how one can achieve career excellence while working in an increasingly automated and AI-focused work environment.

Technology will disrupt careers. Period. Technological disruption has occurred in the past and will accelerate in the future. Therefore, an important question needs to be answered: How does one excel in a workplace when there is accelerating technological disruption?

The Future-Proof Speech Series

Imagine ten years from today you are in a coffee lounge, sitting in a comfortable chair with light music playing in the background. You're taking time to "unplug" and read an old-fashioned paperback book. While you read, your coffee mug senses that the coffee is reaching non-optimal temperatures. The coffee mug sends this information to the lounge computer systems which immediately directs the autonomous coffee dispensing machine to your seat. Upon leaving the lounge, facial recognition cameras identify you and automatically charge your electric wallet. This coffee lounge of the future employees no people.... only robots and systems.

How does one excel in a workplace when there is accelerating technological disruption?

Dan addresses this question and much more in the Future-Proof series of speeches:

A Future-Proof Career...

By researching various examples of career excellence, Dan has developed an informative and entertaining speech that will motivate the audience to achieve ongoing success.  Dan will discuss the four key components that every professional should pursue in order to build an exceptional career which included education, networking, work-ethic and more.

A Future-Proof Network...

How do you know if you have a great professional network?  In this speech Dan will discuss the importance of developing a robust professional network and why it is critical for future success.  The audience will learn specific techniques that can be utilized immediately that will help them with build a Future-Proof professional network.

A Future-Proof Mindset...

What skills are uniquely human?  How does human thinking differ from a computer system?  How might I be able to growth with technology?  These are important questions that are addressed in Dan's Future-Proof Mindset speech.  By developing a Future-Proof Mindset the audience will learn how to become more comfortable with disruption, more strategic with their career paths and more knowledgeable about their own mindfulness.

A Future-Proof Brand...

If you don't proactively develop your professional brand, who will? During this speech Dan will discuss the critical components required to develop and maintain a successful professional brand. Some of the main topics that will be discussed are professional skill set evaluation, goal setting, in-person networking techniques and social media strategies.

A Future-Proof Leader...

Just because you are a "leader" does not mean you are leading your team in the right direction.  In order to develop Future-Proof Leadership skills a leader must be able to strategically analyze current and future trends to guide them and their team to success.  This speech will discuss how the audience can develop their strategic foresight in order to help guide them to greater success.

About Dan Carmody

  • Professional Public Speaker Since 2003
  • Keynote Moderator for Howard Dean & Rick Santorum
  • Executive Director of TreaSolution, Inc.
  • Faculty Member at Northwestern University
  • Board of Executive Advisors - NIU Department of Finance
  • Business Opinions Published in the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, CFO Magazine and More!
  • Would you like to see more of Dan's qualifications? Click Here to View Dan's LinkedIn Profile.

Are you fascinated with the future, yet?

The average career last 40+ years.  Therefore, one must take into consideration how technology will change over that period of time.  Right?  This is what Dan is fascinated with...  This is why he created the "Future-Proof" series of speeches.  Each Future-Proof speech pertains to a different area of career development such as:

  • Career Success

  • Professional Brand

  • Extraordinary Leadership

  • Professional Networking

  • Growth Mindset

Add a Future-Proof Speech to Your Event

One of the most importance aspects of a successful event is the quality of the public speakers (along with networking events, food, venue, etc...) Dan is a seasoned public speaker who has spoken to numerous corporations, organizations, associations and universities nationwide.  Listed below are some of the event types that could be a great fit for a Future-Proof speech:

  • Trade Shows

  • Conferences

  • Corporate Events

  • University Commencements

  • Networking Events

  • Professional Education

  • Seminars

  • Symposiums

What other's have said...

“Dan Carmody is a great moderator. Patient but to the point, he is also both tactful and firm. He is also really knowledgeable about his subject matter.”
- Governor Howard Dean

"I've had the pleasure of seeing Dan present many times over the years at both regional and national conferences; he has such vast knowledge of all things Treasury and is one of the most engaging and dynamic speakers around. If the opportunity presents itself, don't miss attending one of Dan's speaking engagements."
- Ann N.

"Dan is an outstanding speaker! An expert in his field! His audiences actively participate and share their experiences bringing value to all who attend."

"I have already gotten numerous compliments on Dan's [speech] citing his fresh ideas and clear presentation style."

Dan's Past Speaking Events

Hiring Dan to Speak:

Hiring Dan Carmody as a public speaker is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Contact Dan - You can contact Dan directly by calling 773-209-2094 or via email by using the form to the right. ---->
  2. Agree Upon an Event Date - Determine if a speaking event date is available.
  3. Select a Speech- Select a Future-Proof speech that would most closely meet the needs of your event. You can schedule the entire Future-Proof speech series (five speeches) or you can select individual speeches a la carte. Are you in need of something different? Dan can develop new speeches, moderate discussions, be a master of ceremonies, etc.

That's it! 1-2-3...

The only thing left to do is relax and feel confident that you hired one of the best public speakers for your upcoming event.

It is important to retain Dan as far in advance of your event as possible due to scheduling concerns.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Dan wants to make sure that every client is 100% satisfied with his pubic speaking services.  Therefore, Dan guarantees your satisfaction on all of his speeches. If you are not satisfied with his speech, Dan will refund his entire speaking fee.

Last Minute Public Speaker...

Occasionally other public speakers will cancel their speaking event(s) at the last minute.  Speakers may cancel their appearances due to personal emergencies, scheduling conflicts, travel issues, work related obligation, etc...  If you need to schedule a replacement public speaker quickly, call Dan at 773-209-2094.  Dan is happy to work with you to schedule a public speaking event that will entertain, inform and motivate.

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